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Indian Food Images - Khaman Dhokla

Indian Food Images – Khaman Dhokla

It’s not very difficult for foodie bloggers these days to find Indian food images, with an abundance of it available on stock photo websites. Options for some of the lesser known dishes and street food are often most sought after. When my wife started with her recipe blog we started taking quick shots of food dishes using mobile phone and a point and shoot camera. It was a learning process then. Well it’s still a learning process even now. A few months back for some reason we were looking for Indian food images and didn’t really find images that we actually wanted.

This prompted me to shoot and upload some of such food items on My mom and my wife, both being great at cooking it was easy to get the food items available as I wanted. From food ingredients to cooked food items, I have shot and uploaded quite a few photographs which are downloadable in high quality from my portfolio.

Here’s a gist of what you’ll find on my portfolio on Dreamstime.

  • Khaman Dhokla, a Gujarati Snack item. Pav Bhaji, a very popular mix of veggies and spices served with bread onion and slice of lemon.
  • Misal Pav – A Maharashtrian snack very popular food item preferably consumed for breakfast.
  • Pani puri or Waterballs also known as Gol Gappe or Puchkas.
  • Sabudana Khichdi, a food item had by Hindus mostly when observing a religious fast.
  • Idli Sambhar, very popular South Indian breakfast item which is very popular across India.
  • Indian sabzi – Chhole and Bhindi Masala.

There’s more to the collection and can be checked on Dreamstime.

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Indian Food Images - Pav Bhaji

Indian Food – Pav Bhaji


Indian Food Images - Sabudana Khichdi

Indian Food – Sabudana Khichdi


Indian Food Images - Idli Sambhar

Indian Food – Idli Sambhar


Indian Food Images - Misal Pav

Indian Food – Misal Pav


Indian Food Images - Pani Puri

Indian Food – Pani Puri


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