Book Review: Empire Of The Mughal : Raiders From The North by Alex Rutherford

Book Review | Raiders From The North by Alex Rutherford
Book Review | Raiders From The North by Alex Rutherford

From my last post about Taj Mahal, you must be now aware of the tremendous craze I have about the Mughal history. In order to share some more information and facts about the same, here I am trying to present a book review for Raiders from the North.

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Empire Of The Mughal : Raiders From The North by Alex Rutherford

Book Review by Bhuvan Gupta

Empire Of The Mughal: Raiders From The North is the first of the book in the series of books written by Alex Rutherford (Diana Preston, Michael Preston) on the Mughal dynasty that ruled India for almost 200 years. This book attempts to peek into the life of Babur, the founder of Mughal Empire in India. The book is based on Baburnama, the emperor’s autobiography. It begins in the year 1494 with untimely death of Umar Shaikh, Babur’s father. Babur is then only 12 years old. We find Babur at such a young age thrown in quest for throne, a quest coveted by many. Babur often finds himself desiring to build an empire like Genghis Khan and Tamburlaine, his ancestors.

This journey, that takes Babur from Ferghana to Samarkand is not a peaceful one, it is filled with battles galore. There are heroes on both sides. Babur and his troops often face defeat and often, they would emerge as winners. Finally we find Babur turn his attention towards India. In India, soon after the first battle of Panipat, Babur secures his throne in Agra, laying down the foundation of Mughal Empire in India. Though destiny has other plans, Babur would never live long to taste the fruits of the trees he planted.

Humayun Babur’s son has fallen ill. The best hakims in the court are not able to find whats wrong with the young prince. We find Babur turn towards the astrologers of his court. Whose advice to him, is to surrender to Allah (GOD) what is most precious to him, Babur then starts praying to Allah to take his life and spare the life of his son, the young prince Humayun. Soon after Babur falls seriously ill, and Humayun starts getting better.The book then shows us the vulnerability of the new emperor of Hindustan.

He talks to Humayun about the importance of keeping the family together asking him to forgive his brothers of any wrong they might do. This would later mold the personality of Humayun. Dying at a young age of only 47 years. Babur leaves his son Humayun as a successor to the throne. Deviating from historical facts on certain points, over all covers the various important events and aspects in Babur’s life. The battle scenes have been described really well.

Well, by posting this book review, I hope I have been able to share my point of view about this book without giving away too much of details.

Final Verdict on Raiders from the North

A must read for anybody interested in reading about Mughal History… I rate it very good. It would be excellent, if the book didn’t get over so soon.

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13 thoughts on “Book Review: Empire Of The Mughal : Raiders From The North by Alex Rutherford”

  1. I have read this book about three years ago but the way you have interpret it, is quite whimsical.
    After reading your review, I certainly want to read it again.
    Well done. ?

  2. Sounds like an interesting read. I love history, but I’m more into art history than political history! Good to know that the book also specifies about the strength of the opponents which is more often than not, just skipped! Thanks for the review. Will try to lay my hands on this book for a read!

  3. Reading your review makes me want to research more about Mughal history. History is sometimes fascinating and learning new things everyday makes life even more meaningful. I get to appreciate places I am not very familiar with.

  4. I have learned about the Murghal empire and the history of India when I visited Rajasthan. I was there for 21 days and every place I visited had references to the fascinating Murghal history. I think this book makes a very good read, especially that is based on an autobiography.

  5. I never heard about this book before. To be honest I know nothing about the Mughal Dinasty. But it’s a good review and you piqued my curiosity. Regarding your rate, I will probably give it a try. Thank you for sharing this one!

  6. Lovely review about the book! Mughal history is quite a fascinating and interesting subject to study, might I say. Maybe I’ll research more about it first on the internet, then I’ll delve into the books when I’m ready! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  7. What a coincidence? I often conduct story-telling sessions at the Mughal monuments in Delhi and all these tales form the bedrock of my business. Wow! This is crazy. I would also like you to read Jehangirnama, Humayunnama, Babur nama and Akbarnama to know more about Mughal history.

    1. Thanks Swayam, I would love to read the books mentioned by you. But there are so many versions of these books available. Do not really know which one to pick up and begin. Would love to connect with you on email.

  8. This might not be one of the books that I will pick in the next few days. I prefer books full of encouragement and self-help tips now, especially that I am going through a very rough phase in my life. I’ll probably read this book before I schedule a trip to India in the future. Thank you for sharing your review, I will note the title. I’d recommend it to my husband too because this is something that he likes to read.

  9. Ooooh, I’ve never heard about the Mughal History but it sounds like a great read. Reading is not really a hobby of mine, yet I’m so much interested in this. Reading your review made me want to buy this book! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  10. Reading is one of my hobbies, but lately, I have been very busy. Can’t really find time reading books anymore. So, I am now more on watching movies if time permits.

    Looks like this is an interesting read. I have no knowledge about the Mughal Empire, but my son does. He loves history and geography. Thank you for making a comprehensive book review. I hope to make one soon. I am more on movie reviews right now though.

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