Do Online Money Games Pay

Can You Really Earn Money Playing Games Online?

Do Online Money Games Pay

One thing is for sure. There’s a plethora of simplistic and engagingly easy earn money games out there on app stores, that claim to pay real money for playing. How true is that? You must have wondered if you really can earn money, by playing such games online. Well true or not, the claims are sure aplenty. 99% of  online earn money games are such that they will keep you engaged by adding big dollars initially and ask you to keep playing till you reach the payment threshold which is usually $10, $20, $50 or $100. Sounds good. But what’s the catch? Well from the look of it, all of the developers who have made such “money making” games available, have a simple strategy. They load their games with ADs and Reward ADs and most of these are the 30 seconds video ads. Yes, their intentions are to earn money through these ADs and then share a small portion of revenue with the users.

So, what happens when you download one such game and play it? Will you get paid? The answer isn’t simple. More instances than often, these games will allow you to reach very close to the payment threshold but, once you reach that threshold, the earnings will diminish. For instance, lets say that the payment threshold is $100 and you’ve swiftly reached the $80 mark. Now what? Well now you’ll notice that there’s a drop in the amount that you were receiving so far, if you received $0.10 to $0.20 so far now, what you’ll get is around $0.01. Yes, that looks so less. But imagine in some cases it’s even 0.001. So right when you think you’re going to get a free $100 payment soon, you’ll realize that you still have long way to go. Not just long, I must say a long long long way to go. As you may have to play 2000 more games or levels to reach that illusive payment threshold. So yeah, some people may have time to spend so much after gaming and may make merry while others might just give up at this stage. So, when users give up, it’s no loss for the developer because that user has already seen so many 30 second reward ADs that the developer’s pockets are already filled and he won’t have to part with any money as the user gave up.

I’d thus say that it’s a WIN situation only for developers. Mark my words, these are games that only fill developers pockets and there’s nothing except the fun of playing the game. Of course if the game is interesting enough to keep you engaged.

How do I know these things about the money making games?

When I first came across one such game, the curiosity got the better of me and I tried it. The name of this game was COIN PLUS. I’m not going to get into the details of this game and I’m sure not promoting this game. It’s just for the awareness that I’ve posted the link.

This game includes only rolling a dice which isn’t really random it appears to be fixed as per the elements laid on the path. You’ll realize if you happen to play the game. The $ icon shows how much money you’ve made. Well at least that’s what you feel. So, you keep playing. Initially they pay you good amounts and you feel like reaching $50 threshold will be like a breeze but the moment you hit $35 mark the earnings reduce. It also happens so frequently that when you claim your prize or want to double it by watching an AD, the app would tell there’s a “Network Issue” so you lose your reward and you’ll have to play more. Well believe me, the app said network error but I checked other apps and browser, everything else was working fine. I was on a high speed wifi connection.

That’s not it. Once I reached the $50 mark I opened the payment section only to see that for $50, all I could get was a $5 Amazon coupon. Now that’s sh*t load of cheating and fraud. Nowhere have they mentioned that those $ coins are actually not of equal value. It’s much less.

Game Interface
Prompts To Play
$50 = Only $5

HAHAHA. Always knew there was something dicey but this was the height of cheating. Further more, $5 coupon weren’t available anymore and they asked me to earn $85 to get a $10 coupon. As if I was going to.

But, the conclusion is that almost all of the games that claim they’ll pay you money for playing and watching ADs, are like this. I’d advice if you’re looking for such games, then you must check the ratings section and sort it by 1 star ratings. Most of the times these low ratings are hidden as there are a lot of fake 5 star ratings on top.

I’m going to write a few more articles exposing more such games and hope that Google takes note of these FRAUDULENT and FAKE CLAIMING Apps/games and take some action against them.

More fake games in the upcoming articles.

However, if you’ve been paid by a game in REAL, then do let me know if the comment and if possible share a screenshot of the payment. There’s a lot many people out there looking for such “money earning games” that actually pay.

I’m currently trying out a game called Hexa Puzzle almost going to reach the threshold. So far, at $37, the earnings for crossing levels has not really reduced, it’s the same. They also have daily scratch and daily spin which helps you earn faster than the usual games. But, the real deal will be when they actually pay. So, keep reading as I’ll be posting about this new game very soon. Till then CIAO.

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