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Professional Pre Wedding Photographer in Mumbai

One of the better photoraphers Divesh Kudvalkar offers pre wedding shoot in Mumbai or anywhere in India. Know more about what to expect and how to prepare for a pre wedding shoot.

Panning Shot of a Scooter Riders

Ultimate Guide to Panning Photography, How to Get Motion Blur

Panning photography basically means moving your camera horizontally with a moving subject, in order to capture it. Here in this article, I’ve shared some panning shots along with the camera settings used.

Bhakat from Majuli

Travel Photography by Gautam S Brahma

Travel Photography by Gautam S Brahma Being a travel freak, I love following some of my friends on facebook and fellow bloggers who are pro in the field of travel photography. One such person whom I got in touch with through the medium of blogging and photography, is Gautam S. Brahma. Gautam lives in Guwahati, …

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Scaly Breasted Munia | Bird Photography

How Well Do You Know the Scaly-breasted Munia?

Scaly-breasted munia also known as spotted munia, is a sparrow-sized estrildid finch native to tropical Asia and eats grass seeds.

Ajanta Caves | Avalokiteśvara Painting

Ajanta Caves, Aurangabad, Photos, Info and Map

Although it’s been quite some time to our visit to Aurangabad, I just cannot, not share the details and pictures about this place. Usually, my vacation ideas remain limited to the tried and tested locations, resorts. But this time, Mukta, my wife clearly stated that if we are going for a vacation it has to …

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Green Grasshopper

Grasshopper Images | Nature Photography

The city-jungle mentioned in my previous posts helped me watch a green grasshopper from real close, for the very first time. Before that I guess I must have come across these tiny long-leaping creatures but may not have noticed or paid attention to. This encounter also, was totally unexpected and accidental. I’d noticed this chameleon …

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Striped Tiger Butterfly shot at Owalekar Wadi

Monarch Butterfly | Other Butterfly Images

When it comes to nature photography, my knowledge about butterfly and their IDs was very limited. However at the city-jungle, the small green patch that I’d discovered near my residence, I was able to spot quite a variety of butterflies including Monarch Butterfly i.e Common Tiger Butterfly, Dark Blue Tiger Butterfly, Plain Tiger and others …

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Monkey at Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Monkeys at Karnala Bird Sanctuary | Nature Photos

We visit Karnala Bird Sanctuary very often for two reasons. One is for the natural environment and the other is for the food that is served at the canteen run by a group of women. I’ll be writing more details about this in one of my upcoming articles about the sanctuary. For now, I want …

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Robber Fly Shot at Deonar, Mumbai

Robber Fly Photos | Nature Photography

Until I discovered the “city-jungle” near our residence, I’d never seen or heard of a Robber Fly. At first glance, this insect really amazed me because of the way it held on to a thin grass line under heavy breeze. I remember my first capture of a Robber. The bulging eyes with a lot of …

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Chameleon Photo Shot at Ambivali Village

Common Indian Chameleon | Nature Photos

Many people have some kind of a phobia when it comes to coming face to face with the lizard category. Even I have it. Talking about the chameleon category, they’re the masters of disguise and can camouflage themselves neatly to go unnoticed many a times. Well I haven’t ever seen a chameleon changing it’s color …

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