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20 iconic scenes and dance moves from Bollywood in vector format. Download Now!! Click here to Buy Directly from Us.

Important Note About Bollywood Vector Images.

Since June 2020, Shutterstock has reduced it’s commissions to contributors by a big margin. This is why I have disabled my portfolio on Shutterstock and currently I am in the process of making these photos available on Dreamstime and AdobeStock. I will soon make an announcement here once it is done.

If you want to download the complete set officially, please contact me from the contact page

Have you noticed that Indian stock photos especially vector images of bollywood or those of Indian movies are hard to find? To make the find easier, here’s a small collection of bollywood vectors from my Shutterstock portfolio. Well don’t get into the who’s who of the images I’m sure if you’re looking for it, you’ll know who it is. Some of these are iconic some are just random moments from movies that are popular. For obvious reasons one cannot use real or exact pictures but you can think of these are representative images where in most of the Indian population will be able to identify the person. So if you’re looking for vector stock photos pertaining to bollywood, you’ve landed on the right page.

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Bollywood Vector Image Download

At the moment I am working on more old and new movie representative images that will be available to download from Shutterstock very soon. If you like the images or if you require something more specific, mention in the comments section below.

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