Indian Palm Squirrel | Photos and Info

Photo of Indian Palm Squirrel in a Garden

Photo of Indian Palm Squirrel in a Garden

Indian Palm Squirrel, or Squirrel as we usually call them, look cute when they go about doing their activities of crawling up and down the threes moving swiftly to find their food. Especially the way the would sit up and hold their food and eat it taking quick bites. Squirrels mainly feed on nuts and fruits and can be very noisy, especially when they sense danger. It’s equally amazing how the squirrels can get photographed.

I was not aware of the mention of Squirrels in Mythology and found out about the same on Wikipedia while reading more about squirrels. Posting the excerpt from what I read:

Squirrels are considered sacred in India and are not to be harmed. They are even fed by many Hindu families, mainly because of their association with Lord Rama.

A legend explains the stripes on the back of most of the squirrels. During the construction of the Rama Setu (bridge) at Rameswaram by Lord Rama and the Vanara Sena, a little squirrel also contributed in its own little way. It rolled in the beach sand and then ran to the end of the bridge to shake off the sand from its back (chanting Lord Rama’s name all along).

Lord Rama, pleased by the creature’s dedication, caressed the squirrel’s back and ever since, the Indian squirrel carried white stripes on its back, which are believed to be the mark of Lord Rama’s fingers. Lord Rama and the squirrel are mentioned in one of the hymns of the Alvars.

One more fact about Indian Palm Squirrel is that unlike the other species of Squirrels, this one doesn’t hibernate. It’s also a known fact that squirrels in urban areas can be domesticated and trained to accept food from humans.

Video of an Indian Palm Squirrel in a Garden.

Photosย of Indian Palm Squirrel

Some shot in our Garden at Deonar, Mumbai and some from Ellora Caves, Aurangabad.

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