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Monarch Butterfly | Striped Tiger shot at Owalekar Wadi

Monarch Butterfly | Striped Tiger shot at Owalekar Wadi

When it comes to nature photography, my knowledge about butterfly and their IDs was very limited. However at the city-jungle, the small green patch that I’d discovered near my residence, I was able to spot quite a variety of butterflies including Monarch Butterfly i.e Common Tiger Butterfly, Dark Blue Tiger Butterfly, Plain Tiger and others such as Common Jezebel, Common Peirrot, Red Peirrot, Lemon Pansy. None of them, I knew by name but a few of them I’d seen before and knew them as just “Butterfly”.

Later when I actually got pulled into Butterfly Photography, it became like “The Big Year” situation for me. I just wanted to capture butterfly images of every new species that I would notice. It had sort of become a challenge for me to let that number go higher and higher. By then I had also joined this group on facebook, namely Butterflies of India which is super awesome in terms of sharing your butterfly images as well as putting up a query in case you do not know the ID of the butterfly. And then one day I learned about Owalekar Wadi, and that was like a dream come true. Owalekar Wadi is like heaven for butterfly watchers and photographers. At Owalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden, you’ll also get to know about the stages in the life-cycle of a butterfly. I’ll be posting an article dedicated to “Owalekar Wadi- Butterfly Garden” very soon after my next visit which could be in a few days.

I personally find the Monarch Butterfly really awesome as for me, they get pictured very well and the colors really stand out in an amazing manner. I’m sure there are other amazing and exotic looking butterfly species around but my personal favorite will remain Monarch Butterfly. Among the others I like Red Peirrot Butterfly and the Lemon Pansy Butterfly.

Just a Note: Most of these pictures are shot using Canon Powershot SX50 HS Digital Camera. Some are Shot using Canon EOS70D with a 70-300mm lens.

Butterfly Images of Monarch Butterfly and others:

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